Xổ số Hà Nội tối nayCE RoHS FCC Certified: 100% brand new, function as original. Preventing over charge, over discharge, short circuit, high temperature, high humidity, internal overheating. Doesn’t contain Hg/Cd/Pb, no pollution to the environment, use safer.

Replace for Bosch 14.4V Battery Part Numbers:(Please search with “Ctrl+F”
2610908568, 2607335263, 2607335264, 2607335275, 2607335276, 2607335385, 2607335418, 2607335431, 2607335432,2607335384, 2607335397, 2607335418, 2607335431, 2607335432,2607335489, 2607335490, 2607335465, 2607335521,2607335522, 2607335528, 2607335533, 2607335534, 2607335557, 2607335558, 2607335677, 2607335678, 2607335685, 2607335686, 2607335693, 2607335694, 2607335699, 2607335711, 2607335712,
BAT038, BAT040, BAT041, BAT140, BAT159

Compatible With 14.4V Bosch Models:(Please search with “Ctrl+F”
13614, 13614-2G, 15614, 1661, 1661K, 22614, 23614, 32614, 32614-2G, 33614 33614-2G, 3454, 3454-01, 3454SB, 34614, 35614, 3660K, 3660CK, 52314, 53514
AHS 41, AHS52, ART 26, GDR 14.4V, GDS 14.4V, GHO 14.4V, GHO 14.4VH, GLI 14.4V, GSB 14.4 VE-2, GSB 14.4VE-2B, GSR 14.4V, GSR 14.4 VE-2, GSR 14.4 VPE-2, GSR 14.4V-2B, GST 14.4V, GWS 14.4V, GWS 14.4V/3B, GWS 14.4VH, PAG 14.4V, PDR 14.4 V/N, PKS 14.4V, PSB 14.4V, PSR 14.4, PSR 14.4-2, PSR 14.4VE-2(/B), PSR1440, PSR1440/B, PST 14.4V.

Battery Maintenance:

  • If you don’t plan on using the Power Tool Battery for a month or more, store it in a clean, dry, cool place away from heat and metal objects.
  • Ni-Cd, Ni-MH and Li-ion batteries will self-discharge during storage;
  • remember to recharge the batteries before use.

Guarantee:Xổ số Hà Nội tối nay30 days full refund and return, we promise to provide the best products and the best service for you.

Li-ion VS Ni-CD
Li-ion(Exmate) Ni-CD(Others)
No Memory Effect

1. Li-ion battery is much more eco-friendly then Ni-CD battery, make no pollution to the environment.
2. The memory effect of Li-ion battery is much smaller then Ni-CD battery, almost no memory effect.
3. Li-ion battery’s lifetime is longer then Ni-CD battery.


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