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Various "Neal Conway Revisited Classics (Unreleased Remixes & Edits)" (In the Zone Records CD Promo)

Here we have something truly special as Neal Conway shares an eclectic selection of previously unreleased remixes and edits (some of which have been secret weapons here at Spirit of House). What you get are ingenious, truly fresh and unique interpretations of an illustrious lists of timeless songs which unquestionably will leave a spell on you: The Jacksons "Let me show you", Steppenwolf "Magic carpet ride", Al Green "You ought to be with me", Jill Scott "Spring summer feeling", Willie Colon & Ruben Blades "Plastico", Mandrill "Fat city strut", Mariah Carey "I'll be loving U long time", Whitney Houston "Love will save the day" and Da Famia All Stars "Go cuda".

Neal Conway featuring Biblical Jones "U can't bring me down" (In the Zone Records CD Promo)

Back in mid-April, we exclusively introduced you to Neal Conway's exquisite "U can't bring me down" which features the unrivaled gospel tinged vocals of Biblical Jones alongside a masterly orchestration (including a reminiscence to Philly Disco), with Neal Conway pulling out all the stops on the arrangement and production. The official release is now here and has been enriched with a grandiose truly varied selection of interpretations by DJ Ant B, Pure Elevation and Bruce 'Union Effect' Rodgers. As we said in our original review: truly a masterpiece.

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Pick of the Week: Typheni "Is it love" (Quantize Recordings CD Promo)


What a year this has been, with lots of marvelous vocal productions which will stand the test of time... Quantize Records have been on the forefront all year, and what better way to close it down with this timeless anthem produced by Neal Conway, DJ Spen andThommy Davis. The uplifting soul oozing "Is it love" brings together the unmistakable soulful underground flavored sound by Neal Conway with DJ Spen and Thommy Davis' signature mind-blowing production and arrangement, not to forget to mention the infectious deeply rooted vocals by Typheni. From the old school inspired original (don't miss out on the massive instrumental 'Hump Mix') over the afro/latin infused remix byNeal Conway & DJ Spen to the deep hypnotizing workout by David Harness & Chris Lum, this is pure class...

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Exclusive Preview: Neal Conway "Unreleased Gems" (CD-R)

There ain't no stoppin' for legendary producer Neal Conway as these unreleased gems undoubtedly prove. The release of his previously reviewed masterpieces "Like magic" featuring Dana Weaver and "Choices" featuring Taihisha on Dagostar Records is imminent, but there is much more you can except to hear from Neal Conway in the future. For example there is his masterly unreleased interpretation of Dana Weaver's "Heavenly", his reworks of "Holding on" by DJ Speedy & Joe Flamefeaturing D and "Hot" by PhatFrank featuring Dana Weaver or brand new productions such as "Move your body (clap your hands)" and "Hold on" both featuring Kaira Cooper, and not to forget to mention "Don't want to loose" featuring Taihisha. What all of these gems have in common is the unmistakable soulful underground flavored sound Neal Conway is famous for, each one of these is guaranteed to send shivers down your spine...

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Exclusive Preview: Jill Scott "So gone" (Nasty Man Neal Conway WMC Re-Work)(CD-R)
Exclusive Preview: Michael Jackson "Billie Jean" (Nasty Man Neal Conway Tribute Re-Work)(CD-R)
Exclusive Preview: Michael Jackson "Billie Jean" (Nasty Boozie Geee-tar Re-Work)(CD-R)
Exclusive Preview: Whitney Houston "Love will save the day" (Nasty Man Neal Conway Full Re-Work)(CD-R)
Exclusive Preview: Whitney Houston "Love will save the day" (Neal Conway Classic DOG-PAW Piano Re-Work)(CD-R)

We are proud to introduce you to a couple of exclusive reworkings by Neal Conway, the legendary composer and musician behind many of the timeless Basement Boys classics. First up, there is his masterly orchestrated four-to-the-floor interpretation of Jill Scott's beautiful "So gone" which is simply breathtaking and must be considered one of the all-time best house remixes of Jill Scott. Next he pays tribute to "Billie Jean", one of Michael Jackson's (rip) most memorable classics and to "Love will save the day", one of Whitney Houston's (rip) many legendary songs, each of them available in two equally fantastic versions which let you experience the artists unrivaled vocal performances as well as Neal Conway's extraordinary musicianship to the max. These heavenly reworkings are guaranteed to send shivers down your spine.

Spirit of House

Exclusive Preview: Erykah Badu "Real thang" (Conway's Afro-Cuban Funk)(CD-R)

With his towering take on Erykah Badu's wonderful "Real thang", Neil Conway brings the beloved Basement Boys sound from the early 90's back (he composed many of their timeless classics such as "Scandal" by Ultra Nate or "Gypsy woman" by Crystal Waters to name just two) to the dance floors, melting Erykah Badu's unmistakable vocals with a relentless afro-cuban/funk flavored backdrop and beautiful flute, letting the Basement Boys sound shine all the way through.