What About the Children

Neal Conway feat. Paul Onheiser, Marshall Booze Jr. & SOULe


There is CRAZINESS Happening in the World!! We GROWN-UPS are so POWER HUNGRY.....that We are Going to DESTROY the WORLD!!! Real Talk!!!! What about the CHILDREN?? What Kind of FUTURE are We going to Leave for Them????

This will be the First Single Release of My NEW ALBUM entitled WHAT ABOUT THE FUTURE...set to be Released by July 2016!!

I was PRIVILEGED to Have PAUL ONHEISER (Outstanding Music Specialist) and the VETERAN Marshall Booze along with Lady SOULe BLESSED My Vision with Their Talents!!

Performed by Neal Conway, Paul Onheiser & Marshall Booze Jr.                Background Vocals by SOULe                                                                                 Flute by Neal Conway                                                                                           Electric Piano Rhodes by Paul Onheiser                                                                  Rock Guitar by Marshall Booze Jr.                                                                     Written, Composed and Produced by Neal Conway